Because of the enormous diversity in landscape and the extensive coastline, Brittany is a very suitable area for various sports.

Walking / Hiking / Nordic Walking / Running

Besides the 1300 km long coastline along the coastal path the Sentier des Douaniers, Brittany has numerous trails for short or long walks. If you opt for a stroll along the sea, the hills or a walk through the woods, fields or villages. There is more than enough choice.

Cycling / Mountain Biking / Cycling

With over 800 kilometers of bike paths, Brittany is a must for both active and leisure cyclists. During your tour you always come through charming villages where you can stop for a coffee or for a lunch. You can choose paths in the midlands or along the coast. The Monts d 'Arrée  is the oldest mountainchain of Europe and offers numerous mountain bike trails for the competitive cyclist. The Breton people love cycling. Every year the 'Tour de Bretagne' is held for upcoming cycling proffesionals and there are various websites that give an overview of all bike paths in Brittany.




Brittany's coastline covers 3,000 km. Therefore, Brittany and the sea are inseparable. It is no coincidence that it offers sufficient water sports opportunities. With the endless variety of bays and beaches, there are always places that meet your needs. Many watersports are very popular in Brittany like: sailing, diving, windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, canoeing, fishing and swimming.

Scuba diving

Because of  the rugged coast and winter storms, there are many shipwrecks around the Brittany coast. This provides ample opportunities for superb wreck diving. Besides this, the numerous bays that Brittany has offer endless dive opertunities. Descend along the rocks and be amazed by the beautiful underwater world. You see might encounter seahorses, groupers, lobsters, mullet and endless kelp forests.


Do you like fishing and you might want to catch mackerel or sea bass? Or do you prefer fishing at a lake? Brittany offers endless sweet or salt water in the region for recreational or sportfishing.


Brittany is popular with golfers because of the wealth, beauty and quality of golf courses. Some people say that Brittany takes in second place when it comes to top golf locations in Europe. The courses are rarely crowded and take you along beautiful places. As you turn it overlooks a beautiful bay or a green forest with a castle in the background.

Horse Riding

Brittany is very suitable to discover on horseback. Throughout the province you can find well maintained bridleways that lead you trough everything nature has to offer. It is also possible to create a tour on horseback in which you stay at a different accommodation every night.