Some attractions nearby that you should not miss include the medieval mound Cairn de Barnenez, Castle Kerjean, the boat trip to and a walk or bike ride on ile de Batz, a visit to Chateau du Taureau, a fortress in the middle of the sea and the sea aquarium Oceanopolis in Brest.

Chateau du Taureau - 3 miles
This ancient fortress located in the bay of Morlaix is on display. It has been used over the years as a defense against enemies, prison and noble residence. The fort has a beautiful view of the bay.

Cairn de Barnenez - 12 miles
This ancient burial mound dating back to 5000 BC. You combine a visit to the mound with its museum.

Kerjean Castle - 12 miles
A beautiful castle, symbol of the Renaissance. The castle and gardens are open to the public. There are also regular exhibitions.

Ile de Batz - 18 miles
Ile de Batz is an island off the coast of Roscoff. A lovely place for a long walk or bike ride and remember to visit the botanical garden not.

Océanopolis - 30 miles
Probably one of the most beautiful aquariums in Europe. Oceanopolis introduces you to the underwater life. You can see not only beautiful aquariums with all kinds of fish including sharks, tropical fish and rays but you also get to know the waters around Brittany. Besides fish, there are also other seals and penguins to see.

In the vicinity of La Cle de Taule you will find beautiful hiking and biking trails, vast sandy or rocky beaches, the ocean and lakes, medieval towns, picturesque villages, islands, bays, forests, moors and castles.

The hiking trails around Taule - 0 miles

The town of Carantec - 2 miles

The town of Morlaix - 2 miles

The town of Roscoff - 15 miles

In short, plenty to see and do!