In Brittany they love good food. You will also be able to find a great meal for a reasonable price. The menu is of course much seafood but meat is also very popular. But Brittany is offcourse most famous for fresh oysters and mussels.


Oysters come in 12 varieties. Each with its own specific quality and characteristics. The true connoisseur eats the raw oyster but there are also many other ways you can get your oysters served.


Mussels, as well as oysters are inseparable from the Breton cuisine. Order in any restaurant a moules-frites and you will get an abundance of delicious fresh mussels and fries on your plate.


Fruits de mer

The seafood platter should not be missed when you are in Brittany. The combination of seafood dish is typical Breton. Some ingredients are oysters, scallops, mussels, prawns and seaweed.


For lunch or between meals you can choose a Breton crepe (thin pancake). The menu often shows a huge variety of different crepes both sweet or savory. You can chose plain crepes with syrup or salt but you can also order a crepes with for instance banana / chocolate or eggs, mushrooms and unions. In the old days, crepes were used for the poor people as a substitute for bread. Today crêperies are everywhere and offer a cheap, quick and tasty way to ease your hunger.

At the bakery

Go into a Breton bakery and try to look further then the well known French bread.
In the bakery you will often also find a wide selection of pies, cakes and biscuits. Try dishes like the typical far breton, an egg flan with prunes or raisins, or the delicious Breton Kouign-aman.